Oranj Sushi Bar is marrying the stimulating delectability of sushi and sashimi with bold yet intimate surroundings for a modern culinary experience. This is the Sushi restaurant you would have designed if it was up to you….

The establishment, designed by Riddell Kurczaba Architecture, is a contemporary concept featuring a high-contrast palette and Japanese elements such as linear wood panels and wooden slats. With the food being central – figuratively and literally – to what Oranj Sushi Bar is all about, the sushi bar is located in the middle of the space in a U-shape, allowing the focus from the entry and within the room to be directed at the entertaining sushi chefs and their skilled preparation of the cuisine, with incomparable freshness.

The restaurant’s name itself is reflected in punctuations of elegant orange accents; the notion of “orange” has strong symbolic value in Japanese culture, with the color representing happiness and love, and the fruit embodying aspirations for good fortune.

Oranj Sushi Bar…….Sushi refined.

Oranj Sushi-Bar ©2011. Design by Acroterion Inc.